Release Notes

IMPROVEMENTS IN v2.4.1 (09-sep-2012)
Fixed some problems with gestures and scrolling.
Added gestures options to suit your taste in Global Preferences.

IMPROVEMENTS IN v2.4 (27-aug-2012)
* WarCalc becomes Transparent to copy the amount to spend from Storm8 screen directly.
* Gestures implemented.
* New Help system, based on multilingual support.
* Quantity fields full pre selected on focused.
* Animations implemented.
* Keypad automatically appears.
* Jelly Bean support.
* German language (Thanks to Kevin Breest
* Portuguese language (Thanks to Anderson Lacerda, São Paulo, BR

* The backup file was not generated in certain circumstances. Workaround v2.3: Increase the level in all games up to maximum, to display all buildings / characters. That way the file is generated.
* Reset app to factory state was not running.
* Restore / Import was not working in Android 4.0.4 in some cases.

IMPROVEMENTS IN v2.3 (20-aug-2012)
* Easy way to enter owned quantities in bulk. See more...
* Add new buildings without waiting for an upgrade. See more...

* Popup edition, forced restart to show changes not required any more.

* Major redesign for stability issues and crashes, for devices with low memory.
* Support for multiple languages ​​implemented. Please contact me to help me translate it to your language.

* Vampires Ankou not appear in new installations of the application (If you persist without seeing, go to Maintenance, make a backup, restart the application to factory state, then restore from backup).

* Fixed some bugs that caused crashes.
* Vampires Ankou added.

* Move to SD supported.
* Superimposed Purchase List Toast displayed automatically. Configurable in the Global Preferences screen.
* iMobsters Amusement Park fixed to level 22 (v1.5.1).

* Automatically Preserve and show latest calculation, crash-preventing.
* Maintenance options: You can Backup, Export, Restore and Reset your data, and Restart app data to fix problems. Use this in the Global Preferences screen.