New Building Xml

When Storm8 add buildings or new characters to income or defense, you no longer need to wait for an upgrade of this application.

You can add and delete it by yourself easily.
  1. Download template file from: warcalc_user_data_new_building_template.xml 
  2. Edite file with the data of new building/character. Make sure that exist a entry with following fields: 
    • id= Identity number distinct to existing numbers.
    • name= Name of the new building/character.
    • game= Game code to which this building belongs. (1=WarCalc, 2=iMobsters, 2=Racing Live, 4=Vampires Live, 5=Kingdoms Live, 7=Zombies Live).
    • level= The level from which starts as available.
    • start_cost= The starting price.
    • type= The type of benefit that is delivered (0 = Income, 1 = Defense, 2 = Energy).
    • benefit= The amount of benefit that is delivered.
    • owned= The quantity you own.
  3. Copy the file to the root of the SD card. The file name must be: warcalc_user_data.xml
  4. Launch WarCalc.
  5. Go to Maintenance in Global Preferences screen.
  6. Execute Restore / Import from SD.

If you follow the format of the model file will not have any problem. The values ​​for each field are entered in quotes.

Example to Add a Building/Character

Example to Delete  a Building/Character
Just need a build element with id field and delete="1" key. Then execute import in the same way to add a building.

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