lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

WarCalc Personal 2 Released


  • Major redesign for stability, avoid crashes, and devices with low memory.
  • Jelly Bean support. 


  • WarCalc becomes Transparent, in order to copy the amount to spend from Storm8 screen directly.
  • Quantity fields full pre selected on focused.
  • Gestures implemented.
  • Animations implemented.
  • Keypad automatically appears.


  • Easy way to enter quantities in bulk. See more...
  • Add new buildings without waiting for an application upgrade. See more...

Up to date

  • Vampires Ankou added.


  • New Help system.
  • Multiples languages supported: Please help me to translate to your language!!! 

v2.4.1 (released 03-sep-2012)

NEXT RELEASE (in analysis, will be published as soon as my contributors make me get these translations)

German and Portuguese 100%.
French (Thanks to Laura Soto and Jorge Escoriza)

See WarCalc in action!

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