sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

WarCalc Pro Edition soon!

Soon, I will release the commercial version.

Some of the features that will have WarCalc Pro Edition, are the following:
  • Totalizations.
  • Units Management, own and opponents.
  • List to buy without using calculator (next 20 o 30 to buy).
  • Cash Flow Analysis. Averages per Level.
  • Analysis of Performance of Units. Overages and shortages of units.
  • Comparison with other opponents armies. Multiple opponents armies.
  • Calculation considers the Vault balance and Withdrawal amount.
  • Evolution and history of Purchases.
  • Section to manage Alliances with minimal effort, where you will post your code with a click, all time you want to reach the number of allies you need for each stage. Then with one click, you stop publishing. Something like that, more or less. This not even started to develop.

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  1. Keep up the good work man...totally appreciate ur app the best for droid...cant wait for the pro version...hope it would be better than just calc it!