lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

WarCalc Personal 2 Released


  • Major redesign for stability, avoid crashes, and devices with low memory.
  • Jelly Bean support. 


  • WarCalc becomes Transparent, in order to copy the amount to spend from Storm8 screen directly.
  • Quantity fields full pre selected on focused.
  • Gestures implemented.
  • Animations implemented.
  • Keypad automatically appears.


  • Easy way to enter quantities in bulk. See more...
  • Add new buildings without waiting for an application upgrade. See more...

Up to date

  • Vampires Ankou added.


  • New Help system.
  • Multiples languages supported: Please help me to translate to your language!!! 

v2.4.1 (released 03-sep-2012)

NEXT RELEASE (in analysis, will be published as soon as my contributors make me get these translations)

German and Portuguese 100%.
French (Thanks to Laura Soto and Jorge Escoriza)

See WarCalc in action!

sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

WarCalc Pro Edition soon!

Soon, I will release the commercial version.

Some of the features that will have WarCalc Pro Edition, are the following:
  • Totalizations.
  • Units Management, own and opponents.
  • List to buy without using calculator (next 20 o 30 to buy).
  • Cash Flow Analysis. Averages per Level.
  • Analysis of Performance of Units. Overages and shortages of units.
  • Comparison with other opponents armies. Multiple opponents armies.
  • Calculation considers the Vault balance and Withdrawal amount.
  • Evolution and history of Purchases.
  • Section to manage Alliances with minimal effort, where you will post your code with a click, all time you want to reach the number of allies you need for each stage. Then with one click, you stop publishing. Something like that, more or less. This not even started to develop.

domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

WarCalc Personal - Calculator for Storm8's games

WarCalc Personal is a software that I developed for myself to help me to optimize the purchase of buildings for income or defense of Storm8's games.

I decided to freely share it with the community of Android phone users.

The software is only for this task and for anything else. It has no internal connection with the Storm8's games. The software does not access any private use, or modify any part of your system. No way I guarantee the software will perform the best estimate possible. Use at your own risk. No claims will be accepted.

However, you can contact me all you want, if I can solve any problem you have with the software, I will try to do so.

You must know, I am an enthusiastic user of the games of "Storm8". I have intentions to keep the software updated and working properly. For me, and if I can, to all those who have installed it.

In the near future, I will launch a commercial version that will support the Units and provide an enormous amount of information to help you make better decisions. If you want I let you know when this version is available, send me an email in order to I add to you in the list of users.

Thanks, sorry for my english and enjoy it.

Diego Soto.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, July, 2010.